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Projects by Category

From here, you can find links to various projects and utilities I currently have on my site sorted by category. If you want a list of all the pages available in all sections rather than the sorted categories here, just go to the main news page instead.

Game Specific Editors
Lunar Magic Lunar Magic is a fairly easy to use level editor I made for Super Mario World (SNES). It's the product of several years of documentation and coding in my spare time...
Sailor Moon Another Story Map Editor An editor I created to help with a few things in the translation for the SNES game. Interesting to look at and play with, but work on it stopped after the translation project was finished so it was never completed. This is effectively the original prototype editor that was later used to create the Mario World Editor "Lunar Magic".
Ycompress This is a simple win32 console utility that can decompress/extract and recompress/insert most of the graphics in SMW2 : Yoshi's Island.
Zcompress This is a simple win32 console utility that can decompress/extract and recompress/insert the graphics in Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's mainly a byproduct of my Lunar Magic work.
Lunar IPS (LIPS) Lunar IPS is a lightweight IPS patch utility for windows to replace the SNES-Tool DOS program. It can both create and apply IPS patches.
Lunar Address Lunar Address is another small program that can convert SNES addresses to PC and vice versa. It supports ROMs up to 64 Mbits.
Lunar Expand Lunar Expand is just a small program that can expand most SNES ROMs up to 64 Mbit.
Lunar Compress DLL Module Lunar Compress is a decompression and recompression DLL for a few of the compression formats I've run into here and there on console games.
ASM Tracers
Snes9x SFX Tracer This is an unofficial build of Snes9x that can trace ASM instructions performed by the SuperFX chip.
Sailor Moon RPG Translation This was a project to translate Sailor Moon Another Story RPG to english. It was done by Bishoujo Senshi Translations, a group I joined up with to handle the ROM hacking for them. It was shortly after the final patch was released that I restarted my own small web page, and renamed it to "FuSoYa's Niche".
Sailor Moon R Translation This was another project to translate Sailor Moon R (SNES) to english. It was initially started by Masamune Translations, but it eventually became a joint project when they asked for help on it.
Demo World : The Legend Continues This is a hack of SMW to demonstrate Lunar Magic's capabilities. It was eventually turned into a completely finished hack, called "Demo World : The Legend Continues".
Secret of Evermore 2 Player Edition If you've ever wished that Secret of Evermore was a multiplayer game like Secret of Mana, then you may find this patch handy.
Secret of Mana VWF Edition This was a small project to replace Secret of Mana's font with a Variable Width Font, and to rewrite the story text to take advantage of the expanded space.
Sailor Moon RPG Music Patch Just a small test for the map editor I did one day... this patch creates a room inside SMRPG that allows you to play any of the songs in the game.