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Secret of Mana Variable Width Font Edition Screen Shots Enhancement Patch

Secret of Mana Poster. Secret of Mana (SoM) was one of the best action/adventure RPGs for the SNES. It could have up to three players simultaneously, had a unique soundtrack, and possessed an interesting story (though it was narrated poorly at times). It's one of the most treasured cartridges in my SNES collection.

Considering how SoM was cursed with an ugly stretched font and limited space for story dialog, I thought it might be worthwhile to give SoM's story dialog a much deserved facelift. (To be perfectly honest, this was just an excuse to play around with the ROM's ASM code and see if the VWF code I made for SMRPG would work well in another game. -_^ Er, but anyway...)

So starting in early December 1999, I rewrote the game code to use a Variable Width Font for the story dialog. ROM and pointer expansion made sense, so that was included as well. This was naturally followed by the creation of a script dumper and inserter able to handle the event script stored along with the text.

January was spent editing and rewriting the story dialog slightly to take advantage of the VWF and extra ROM space. The first week of February was spent beta testing by Sailor P3RX1, and the patch was released on February 9th, 2000 (my birthday, actually ^^).

In all, it was a fun if short little project. I may do the same to another game someday if I have the spare time for it. In the meantime, try the patch out for yourself if you haven't played SoM recently!