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The music room in the game.

This is a small test for the map editor I did one day...this patch creates a room inside SMRPG that allows you to play any of the songs in the game. All you have to do is step on one of the musical note icons beside the song title, and it starts to play! You can check the readme.txt file in the download for instructions.

This patch shouldn't be used on a ROM that you intend to use to play through the game with, since I rewrote the first few game event scripts to just play music.

Keep in mind that while game patches are not considered illegal, distribution of commercial game ROMs is. Therefore, the file DOES NOT include the actual Sailor Moon RPG game ROM. I suggest you check a search engine for other sites that may contain emulators and/or ROMs.

If you don't have a program to apply IPS patches, try LIPS.

Sailor Moon RPG Music Patch (WinZip File)
Size: 375K zipped, 492K unzipped
Version: N/A
Released: November 14, 1999.