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The SNES box for SMRPG.

Sailor Moon Another Story RPG (SMRPG) is a video game for the SNES that was released only in Japan. While it's not up to the RPG standards of something like FF3, it remains a game that fans of the anime series have generally enjoyed. Especially considering that all the other Sailor Moon games out there are in the fighter or puzzle category.

Unfortunately, since the game was only released in Japan, you either have to import it or play it via an emulator and ROM. Playing it via emulator does have one distinct advantage...it's possible to edit the ROM and translate it from Japanese to English, so that the game may be enjoyed by english audiences. Doing so takes a large amount of time, skill and effort, not to mention someone willing to translate the scripts for you.

Since I'm familiar with assembler and programming in general, I decided to offer my skills to the group trying to undertake this massive effort : Bishoujo Senshi Translations. I handled all the ROM and ASM modifications, while Moose (who was later joined by Lina`chan) took care of translating the Japanese script. It took about a year to complete, but I daresay we've done a rather impressive job. ^^

I made and collected a fair amount of materials and programs for the game during the project, some of which I've uploaded here for people to play around with if they want.