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Sailor Moon R (SNES) Translation Introduction Screen Shots Translation Patch

Sailor Moon R. Sailor Moon R is another SNES video game that was only released in Japan. It's a typical side-scroller fighting game with an extra Street Fighter style vrs mode. It's fairly cute, but the game itself is rather short.

Consequently, the project to translate the game with Masamune Translations was also relatively short. As with the Sailor Moon Another Story RPG project, I handled the ROM modifications while Summon Illusion (and later silversonic) did the Japanese to English text translation. There wasn't much in the way of text, but all the graphics were compressed. So I had to build the usual compression tools, recode the text output routines, adjust a few bits of code here and there... nothing out of the ordinary, really. The only tedious part was creating the new english title screen.

I'm fairly pleased with how the end product turned out, though. So if you're a Sailor Moon fan that's always wanted one of these numerous Sailor Moon fighting games translated into english, you'll probably want to try the patch out and add it to your collection. ^^