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Sailor Moon RPG Screen Shots Translation Patch Map Editor Music Patch Data

The SMRPG Map editor view.

Coded in C/C++, the map editor was originally designed for the sole purpose of translating the Japanese signs in the game (all 12 or so of them ^^). It fulfilled this purpose, yet it was soon apparent after documenting various structures in the ROM that the editor could be enhanced to do much more...

A few features such as sprite editing and placement were never put into place. Since the SMRPG translation project has long since been finished, it's unlikely I'll ever work on it again. I shake my head in disgust whenever I look at the mess I made of the source code anyway... -_- However, the shell of this program was later reincarnated as the Super Mario World Level Editor, "Lunar Magic" (minus most of the awful code, of course).

I've finally gotten around to uploading the main version of the program. The old public version that was here previously didn't allow saving....this one does. I faintly remember that back in late February I replaced the main compression routines with ones from the (then) prototype Mario World compression tools, which means that it should be fairly fast (I just hope I tested it). Other than that, version 0.81 is essentially the same as version 0.80.

There is no help file or guide describing how to use all the functions of the editor. Please don't ask me any questions about the program, because after this length of time your guess is as good as mine as to how some things in it work. ^^

You must have either the SMRPG ROM or a saved Map File to view anything. The zip files containing the maps are an optional download...the map editor can extract those maps from the ROM itself. However, the ones in the zips are named, while the ones in the ROM only go by numbers.

The zip file of the original maps contain the maps from the Japanese version of the game. The zip file with the replacement maps contain the ones I modified for the translation project. The two folders that begin with "ZZZ" are maps that were made for the translation but either weren't used or were cut out from the final patch. Oh, and the Music Test Room from the music patch is in there too.

To find a "small" hidden message from me in the translated ROM, open up room 0x17C and use the arrow keys to scroll all the way to the bottom...or just open up the replacement map in the folder called "Tomoe Labs sign".

Sailor Moon RPG Map Editor (WinZip File)
Size: 82K zipped, 185K unzipped
Minimum OS: Win95
Version: 0.81 ALPHA Main Version
Released: October 17, 1999.
Final Update: September 23, 2000.

Original Maps (WinZip File)
Size: 1.07M zipped, 4.61M unzipped
Version: N/A
Released: November 29, 1999.

Replacement Maps (WinZip File)
Size: 245K zipped, 792K unzipped
Version: N/A
Released: November 29, 1999.