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Snes9x SFX tracer (for SuperFX chip ASM tracing)

Snes9x SFX tracer During the Star Fox 2 translation that was done by Gideon and d4s, it was discovered that the graphics were being decompressed by the SFX chip. Without any way to trace the SFX instructions, figuring out the compression format became something of a problem.

Luckily, Snes9x already has SFX tracing code. So all I had to do was read up on the SFX chip, adjust the tracing code a bit to report RAM/ROM accesses for certain instructions, then recompile Snes9x. From there I was able to trace the compression code, figure out the format and include it in Lunar Compress.

Since it might be useful for a few people that want to work with the SFX chip a bit, I've put the tracer up for download.

Note that this program is an unofficial build of Snes9x, only intended for use in tracing instructions done by the SFX chip. It is not intended for general use, so it may not support all features available in the original program. Also note that it is not for tracing the main SNES 65816 CPU instructions; you'll have to find another tracer for that. This build is not in any way supported by the official snes9x developers.

Keep in mind that distribution of commercial game ROMs is considered illegal. This file DOES NOT include any actual game ROM. I suggest you check a search engine for other sites that may contain ROMs.

Snes9x SFX tracer (WinZip File)
Size: 358K zipped, 1.2M unzipped
Minimum OS: Win95
Version: 1.43 FuSoYa SFX_B2
Released: March 2, 2005.