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Lunar Expand - SNES 64 Mbit Expansion Tool

Expansion of SNES ROMs to sizes over 32 Mbit has traditionally been a bit of a headache for most ROM hackers, partly because you have to do it a bit differently, but mostly because emulator support for it has been relatively recent. And since the mirrored areas of the memory map are used to hold the extra data, it's not even guaranteed that expansion beyond 32 Mbit sizes is going to work in all cases with all ROMs.

So, I've put together a program that provides a couple of options to try and deal with expansion of this sort.

On compatibility with emulators: if your emulator can play ToP, it supports the 48 Mbit ExHiROM option. Both Zsnes and Snes9x have supported this one for a while now. Snes9x 1.39a (or 1.39mk3) or higher is required for support of 48 & 64 MBit ExLoROM and 64 Mbit ExHiROM expansion (Zsnes doesn't currently support these).

Instructions on using the program are within the readme.txt file included in the zip file.

Lunar Expand (WinZip File)
Size: 45K zipped, 100K unzipped
Minimum OS: Win95
Version: 1.14
Updated: May 22, 2010.