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Demo World is a hack to demonstrate how well Lunar Magic can modify Super Mario World. There are 3 major versions of Demo World that have been released to date.

The first version of Demo World was released on September 10, 2001. While it only contained a few short levels, it's primary purpose was to serve as an example for how to do custom block ASM. To this end, it was the first hack to implement the animated "breakable brick" from Mario 3. The brick could be broken only when Mario hit it from below when big or from the side with a cape. It would also turn into a coin when a POW was hit. There were a few other custom blocks as well, such as a block that would break only when Mario hit it with a fireball, and a Mario 3 style frozen coin.

A second unofficial version of Demo World was later released by Bouche, called "Demo World 3". It was identical to Demo World other than the music, which was replaced with Mario 3 tunes.

The third version of Demo World was released on September 21, 2003. Called "Demo World : The Legend Continues" (DW:TLC), it's a full hack of Mario World that's complete right to the end. It showcases many of the features in Lunar Magic, including the new tile and palette animation feature included in version 1.60. And as with the original Demo World, it has new custom blocks such as screen-scrolling type pipes that are similar to what you'd see in Mario 3. A version 1.1 update was released about a month later to fix a few bugs.

If you wish, you can use the first Demo World hack to base your own hack off of. DW3 by Bouche is not available here. And DWTLC is locked. Please don't email me questions on these hacks.

Keep in mind that while game patches are not considered illegal, distribution of commercial game ROMs is. Therefore, the file does not include an actual Super Mario World game ROM. I suggest you check a search engine for other sites that may contain ROMs.

If you don't have a program to apply IPS patches, try LIPS.

Demo World TLC

Demo World : The Legend Continues IPS Patch (WinZip File)
Size: 774K zipped, 1.52 MB unzipped
Version: 1.10
Updated: October 31, 2003.

Demo World

Demo World IPS Patch (WinZip File)
Size: 157K zipped, 314K unzipped
Version: 1.00
Released: September 10, 2001. (Mercury's Birthday)