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This is where I've placed various items of note I have that don't really fit anywhere else. Most of it is just sifted material from the SMRPG project folder on my hard drive that may or may not be interesting. Due to the large size of that folder and a lack of spare time, not all of it is ever going to see the light of day on this page.

List Data

Special Attacks This contains the original translations (most, if not all, of these lists were translated by Moose) for names of the normal, linked, and formation attacks. Plain text only.
Items The original normal, rare, and equipment items. Plain text only.
Japanese 8x8 Fonts

8x8 Table 1 The first of the compressed fonts...notice the strange stick figure with the sword standing on the bottom? It seems some Japanese programmer got bored... ^^ He was probably as bored as I was when I...er...!! Never mind. :P
8x8 Table 2 The second compressed font
8x8 Table 3 The third compressed font (looks almost like the first)
Japanese Story Script

Japanese Script
120K zipped, 326K unzipped
Yes, it's the entire script for SMRPG in Japanese! It's in EUC format, so you'll need to pick up a Japanese word processor to read this. (although if you CAN read this...well...why are you here in the first place?)