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How do I contact you?

Normally... you don't. :P

However, if for some reason you're just really determined to contact me anyway and you don't mind waiting 3 weeks to 3 years for a reply, you don't have a ROM request (use Google if you need to find a game), you don't have a translation request (I'm a programmer, not a translator), you don't want me to draw something for you (I'm not an artist), you don't have an inquiry about source code or porting something I've worked on (so no version for Mac or whatever non-windows OS you use), you don't want to know how to do something in Super Demo World : The Legend Continues (someone has written a FAQ for it, ask/look around in the SMW forum), you don't intend to ask me a question about Lunar Magic (the program has a help file, and there's a SMW forum in the links page if you need more help), you don't want me to make a 3 player patch for SD3 (think someone else has done that), you don't treat email as though it's the same thing as IM or chat by sending multiple email messages to someone within the space of a few days before they've even had a chance to reply to the first one, you've known about emulation and ROM hacking for at least one year or more if you're asking something about that, you don't want a script inserter or table file for some game that I've worked on, you don't use AOL, Yahoo, HotMail, or MSN, you're not a spammer or marketing nut, you're not a lawyer or in some other way a representative of the legal interests of a corporate entity, and you've never committed a felony... then, and ONLY then may you try emailing me here by removing the LUNARPALACE part in the address.

Otherwise, you're on your own.