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FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  SoE 2 Player Edition Version 1.01 Released! December 24, 2008

This version of the Secret of Evermore 2 Player Edition patch just has a minor fix involving the boat skeleton that can give you a ride across the desert (it always thought the dog was the one trying to talk, and hence wouldn't offer you a ride so you'd have to walk). I actually did the fix earlier in the year, but hadn't gotten around to updating the page with it.

As for other news, it's been another quiet year as expected. Haven't really done much on my newer projects, although I did fix some minor issues discovered in an older one... enough to justify a maintenance release at some point. Would like to add a few small updates to it as well while I'm at it, but we'll see how next year turns out.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Site Restored November 1, 2007

Panicus died a while back, thus my site's been offline as well. So I've taken up Matthew's offer to host it at eludevisibility.org (thanks!).

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar IPS Version 1.01 Released! April 19, 2007

This version fixes .ips file association for Windows Vista, which should also fix it for non-administrator accounts on Win2k/XP.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Address Version 1.03 Released! August 2, 2006

This version fixes a problem for Win2k/XP, where closing the program while it was minimized would cause the program window to be placed in an inaccessible location beyond the user's desktop area the next time it was run.

Anyway, not much else to report on. I did have quite a surprise in December when my hard drive completely failed with no warning. Couldn't even get the BIOS to really recognize it anymore... the name would show up as gibberish. But thankfully, only 3 weeks prior to that I had backed up my entire data and projects drive to DVD. Which is pretty wild, considering that's the first time I've backed up the whole thing like that. Someone up there definitely likes me. ^^

I'm still working on a few new things (which were saved from the void by the DVD backup), but they're progressing slowly as I'm fairly busy with other things these days. So again, don't expect much in the way of updates around here for the next year or two.