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FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Magic Version 1.40 Released! December 25, 2001

The main focus of this release is the new layer 1 editing modes of the overworld editor, which now make it possible to alter both the level layout and the paths mario can walk on. You can also control which events are activated by passing each level, when levels are revealed, when castles/switch palaces/fortresses are destroyed, etc. You can even shut off things like using Start-Select to exit passed levels. Check the "What's New" section of the help file for more details.

I've also gone and updated the screen shots page, to show off the new animated tile feature that you can see below.

Merry Christmas, everyone! ^_^

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Magic Version 1.31 Released... October 1, 2001

There's a rather nasty bug in Lunar Magic Version 1.30 that can potentially erase modified non-level data (such as BG Map16 data and overworld data) when saving a level. Version 1.31 fixes this, as well as a few other smaller bugs... check the "What's new" section of the help file for more details.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Magic Version 1.30 Released! September 24, 2001

On this day exactly one year ago, Lunar Magic version 1.00 was released for the first time. So to celebrate its 1st year anniversary, I've released a new version of the program. ^^

The most notable change in this version is the newly added support for the Japanese version of the SMW ROM. Additionally, both the FG and BG Map16 data areas have been expanded to 16 pages each (up from Nintendo's limit of 2 pages each). There have also been several other minor bug fixes and enhancements...as usual, check the "What's new" section of the help file or readme file for more details.

Update: There was a small mistake in the help file involving the Page Up/Down and Arrow Up/Down keys for the 16x16 and 8x8 editors, which has been corrected and updated in the zip file.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  "Demo World" Patch Released! September 10, 2001

As some of you may already know, before Lunar Magic was first released I did some experimental modifications to Mario World in an attempt to create a Mario 1/3 style brick that would be possible to break. I've continued to work on it a bit now and then over the past year to improve how it was implemented, but I could never seem to get around to actually releasing it.

That is, until now. The Demo World patch only has a couple modified levels in it, but I think it's long past time to give out the brick itself so anyone can use it and perhaps even develop their own custom blocks by examining the code.

You'll find however that the current version of Lunar Magic will be unable to render the modified levels at all due to a recent enhancement that this patch makes use of. But version 1.30 will be able to read them without any problem, which is due out sometime within the next few weeks. So sit back, and give the patch a quick try while you wait. ^_^

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Well, that didn't take long. August 18, 2001

Apparently starting on August 20th, cjb.net will begin adding adverts to cloaked URL redirects. So as you may have noticed, I've opted to turn their cloak feature off before that happens.

Relm, cute and loving it!  Lunar Compress thingy Version 1.12... July 25, 2001

I think a certain someone should have waited until he was fully awake before trying to program and release things... *hits FuSoYa over the head with a pillow*

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Compress Version 1.11 Released! July 24, 2001

This version fixes the LunarSNEStoPCRGB() function, adds pointer conversion support for extended HiROM memory maps, and also includes a very simple Win32 demo program for the LunarRender8x8() function using Super Mario World.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Compress Version 1.10 Released! July 12, 2001

A new version of the compression DLL has been released. This version adds support for a format variation used in Metroid 3, Mario Kart, and Sim City. Thanks goes out to Skeud for sending me the assembler trace data and the disassembled code to add support for this.

This version also adds a new function called "LunarRender8x8", which may be useful to anyone that's interested in drawing 8x8 tiles based on SNES tile data.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Compress Version 1.00 Released! June 23, 2001

Lunar Compress is a decompression and recompression DLL written in C for a few similar compression formats found in SMW, SMW2, Zelda 3, Pokemon Gold & Silver, and Mario RPG. The general idea behind releasing something like this is to encourage the possible development of editors or other utilities for certain games by removing the need to research and write a good compression library. Even VB should be able to access the DLL functions.

So if you're a fairly good programmer and you're interested in that sort of thing, you may want to check it out. Examine the readme.txt file and the LunarDLL.h header file in the download for more detailed information.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  FuSoYa's Niche on the move again. June 22, 2001

Yes, the site has moved again. However, I've registered a redirection URL, so that you only have to bookmark fusoya.cjb.net to find the site wherever it ends up from now on.

Goodbye Crosswinds, and good riddance!

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Magic Version 1.20 is finally out! May 20, 2001

This versions adds clipboard support, an optional ASM enhancement to extend the animated tile area, and various other minor fixes. It also adds partial support for SNES layering and color addition so that interesting translucent level modes like 1E and 1F will now show up correctly in the editor. Check the readme.txt file for more details on the updates.

Since the program documentation is now included in a standard windows help file, the online documentation has been taken down.

Warning : Crosswinds is having problems, as usual. If you try to download the zip file and the server doesn't respond or it kills the connection before it's finished (leaving you with an incomplete/invalid zip file), just try downloading it again.

Update : Crosswinds is getting even worse, and it apparently isn't serving the file at all now. An alternative download link for LM 1.20 has been provided, curtesy of Emuz (thanks! ^^).

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Romhacking.com is dead... May 13, 2001

...and thus fusoya.romhacking.com is toast along with it. So as you can see, I've had to move FuSoYa's Niche back to (ugh!) Crosswinds. Oh, and Douglas Adams just died too.

Phooey. -_-

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Happy Easter! April 15, 2001

I just thought I'd wish everyone a happy Easter, considering it's been a little while since the page was updated. I was actually going to update a couple days ago on Friday the 13th, but I got caught up in something else.

Another update of Lunar Magic is in the works, but it could be quite a while yet before it's ready to be released since I've been busy with other things lately. I should probably mention that the online documentation for the program will eventually be taken down, because it's already been moved into a standard windows help file for the next version. So if for some odd reason you want to keep the old HTML documentation around as a reference, you should save a copy of it before it's gone.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Magic Version 1.11 Released! February 9, 2001

Version 1.11 of Lunar Magic is out! This version has a couple minor fixes and changes a few cosmetic things. I also left the "Open Level from Address" menu in there from the debug version, for anyone that wants to play with it.

And since today happens to be a special day for me, I've included a small "Yoshi egg" in the program this time around. See if you can find it! ^^

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  New host, and new email! January 24, 2001

Neil_ has kindly donated space on the romhacking.com domain to host the site (thanks Neil_! ^^). This should put an end to the slow access time and page time-outs that have become a well known Crosswinds trademark of late.

I've also gotten rid of my old forwarding email address, which is something I've been planning to do for a while. I was already aware that iname.com's service had become intermittent and unreliable, but it wasn't until I recently got an email that was sent a month ago (!!!) that I realized how far it had degraded. It's a shame really, considering I've had that one for years...it dates back to my Relm-defending AGFF days. Oh well...

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Site Restored, and with a new look! January 18, 2001

As you might have noticed, Crosswinds has been upgrading the server and my site has been down for over a week as a result. Which I didn't mind too much, except for the fact that they lost my entire directory in the process. -_-

But I realized the previous layout was getting pretty old anyway. I threw it together well over a year ago... I didn't exactly put much effort into it since my interest in HTML had waned at that point in time. So, instead of just re-uploading the site I've gone and remodeled things a bit. The site now appears more bright, cheerful, kawaii and so on while still maintaining a fairly simplistic layout IMO. Oh, and the site now has it's own bookmark icon, for the IE users out there.

Anyway, 'till next time! ^^