Lunar Magic Version 1.10 Released December 25, 2000

Well, it's finally out! I actually ended up doing a few more 65816 ASM enhancements to Super Mario World, in addition to the background and palette editor updates... you now have the option of custom palettes for each level, the ability to insert the graphics as 4bpp tiles instead of 3bpp, and support for inserting 0x80 additional graphics files into the ROM for level use (called ExGFX).

And of course the documentation section for Lunar Magic has been updated accordingly.

Merry Christmas! ^^

Status and stuff... November 25, 2000

I've been rather busy with other things lately, so there's not much to mention. However, I have started on getting the last few bits of Lunar Magic finished off... namely, the background tilemap editor and editing the colors of the palette. I expect to get it done sometime within the next few weeks.

Zelda Compression Tool Released October 28, 2000

I've released a simple DOS utility that can decompress/extract and recompress/insert the graphics in Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's based on the compression code from Lunar Magic, with a small modification to adjust for a difference in Zelda's format. The program is called "zcompress", and you can download it from the new section that's been put up.

Lunar Magic Version 1.03 Released October 28, 2000

This update just fixes a bug that DarKnight13 noticed in the "Sprite Header" menu dialog. You can get it from the Lunar Magic download section.

Zelda GFX October 20, 2000

Someone wanted me to try and obtain Zelda's (A Link to the Past) graphics a while back for some reason or another, since the compression format was almost but not quite identical to SMW's (contrary to my initial assessment). So before I forget, I've uploaded the decompressed Zelda GFX from the modified SMW sniff program here for anyone that may be interested.

Also, it seems that Crosswinds is on the blitz even more than usual these days. If you've sent me email in the past week or two and I haven't replied, chances are I never got it. Unfortunately, Crosswinds has gone even further down the drain by putting pop-up advertisements on member pages, despite their so-called promise that they'd never do so... -_-

Lunar Magic Version 1.02 Released October 10, 2000

This version fixes a nasty overlapping level bug, and also has a new level management option to make life a bit easier. Check the readme.txt file for details.

And to all fellow Canadians....Happy Thanksgiving! (even though I'm a day late ^^)

Lunar Magic Version 1.01 Released October 2, 2000

This is just a small update to fix a couple things and include a few more options. Check the readme.txt file for details on the changes in this version. The online documentation has also been updated accordingly.

'Till next time...

Lunar Magic Version 1.00 Released September 24, 2000

The Super Mario World Level Editor is finally out! Be sure to read the "More Information" section for descriptions of the menus and operations, which I just updated to correct a few mistakes.

And thus ends my unusual frenzy of updates. For now. ^^

SMRPG Editor Version 0.81 Released September 23, 2000

I've released the so called "non-public" main version of the old prototype Sailor Moon RPG Map Editor (ie. the one that actually allows saving). I decided that I may as well go ahead and release it, couldn't remember the reason why I didn't release the saving enabled version in the first place. -_- Developement on this one halted eons ago, and I've long considered the program abandonware.

And in other news, the Super Mario World Level Editor "Lunar Magic" program version 1.00 is pretty much complete. I decided to go ahead and include the 8x8 and 16x16 editors in the non-debug version. There are a few quick tests to run, then I'll type up a readme file and (finally!) release it.

Note: This update is posted a day later than it was made, due to Crosswind's servers being shut down.

I'm baaack! September 22, 2000

I have returned from my long hiatus! For the time being, anyway. ^^

In the last several months, Lunar Magic's developement has jumped beyond what I had originally planned. Sprites have been implemented, and the program is completely functional as far as level editing is concerned. I'm currently just debating whether to include the 8x8 and 16x16 editors in the non-debug version, since technically they're usable and may be useful for advanced editing yet they're completely undocumented. Other than that, I fully intend to release version 1.00 within a week or two (heck, perhaps even within a day or two) in case I drop off the face of the planet again.

Oh, and the entire Lunar Magic section has been updated, screenshots and all.

And still away... June 21, 2000

I just happened to pop on the net for a moment, so I've uploaded the updated info section on Lunar Magic. The pace of progress on that has picked up lately (now that I'm finished Wild Arms 2 ^^). Drag/drop support is finished, and I'm working on some of the file functions now. The "add object" GUI should follow that.

'Till next time...

Yes, I'm still away... *sigh* June 5, 2000

I'm still pretty much away from the net, but I've updated a few pages and added a new section for the Super Mario World Level Editor, now called "Lunar Magic". The program hasn't been released yet, but there are some new snapshots of it in action and an update on its status.

And if you'll excuse me, I now have to patch my WA2 game so I can play it... -_-

Currently away... April 8, 2000

I'm currently cut off from the net at the moment (and have been for the past 2 months or so). I don't know when I'll be back online, I'm afraid. I'll update now and then when I can, but expect long periods of inactivity on this page for awhile. :(

However, regardless of my net status, I have been working on a new project. No idea when (or even if) it will be released, but it's looking fairly interesting at least. -_^

Look Mom, no frames! February 20, 2000

Since the menu was getting a bit large, I've finally abolished the frames of the site altogether in a rare effort to be more browser-friendly. Frame haters of the world, rejoice! ^^

In other news, Borland has recently released their version 5.5 C++ compiler as freeware. Now I don't feel quite so guilty about burning a copy of the old 5.0 compiler long ago. -_^

SoM VWF Edition Released! February 9, 2000

Well, it's done and released! If you haven't played SoM recently, you might want to give this patch a try. I personally prefer the text in it over the original, but then again I probably have a biased point of view about my own work. ^^

And now, I'm off to relax. ^_^

SoM VWF Update February 1, 2000

I've updated the SoM VWF screenshots. As you might expect from what's shown, the story dialog editing is complete. Within the next week or so I'll get someone to beta test the patch for me, and when testing is finished the patch will be released.

And in other news, I put up a snapshot of what my desktop looks like right now. (Kind of easy to guess what my interests are from that, isn't it? ^^)

BST Genesis Site January 18, 2000

This is amusing...while surfing aimlessly around the net, I stumbled upon the original Geocities site that Bishoujo Senshi Translations was first created. The entries on the page date back from 1997, a full year before I joined the effort.

Take a look for yourself, and recoil in horror at the terrible HTML surrounding the genesis of the long-lived project. ^^

Bishoujo Senshi Translations Is Born!

SoM VWF Screen Shots January 5, 2000

I changed the screen shots in the SoM VWF section, since I rather like these ones more than the others I had earlier. Nothing else to report, other than the story dialog editing is proceeding on schedule.

SoM VWF Section up January 1, 2000

The SoM VWF section is up. I've also put up a snapshot of what this page looks like in Mozilla at the moment, just so that people still using Netscape 4.x can get a glimpse of what the page is supposed to look like. (And yes, I really do have animated pictures of Relm in place of the browser buttons. ^^)

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a resounding "Bwa ha ha!" to all those silly people that believed in the media hype surrounding the Y2K bug. :P

SoM VWF Project Announcement 12/20/99

In the past few weeks, the partial SoM VWF hack has begun growing into an entire project. Thus, a project it shall be. ^^

I'll create a section for it once I've decided where to go with this. Tentatively, I'm planning on extracting the story text and re-inserting it to take advantage of the VWF. I *may* rewrite the dialog a bit, since there's plenty of room now anyway. But we'll see how things go, since it depends on how much time I can spare for this side project.

Website updated, SoM VWF 11/29/99

Updated several little things on the page. Uploaded the archive of named maps for the map editor as well as the replacement maps used in the translation. Also included an information section for various things of note for SMRPG.

I was feeling bored this weekend, so for something different I took the variable width font assembler code I made for SMRPG and tried it out in Secret of Mana. (SoM uses an ugly stretched font, IMO). There are a couple quirks, but I think it worked out fairly well for only 3 days or so of hacking. ^^

Music Patch released, Map Editor updated 11/14/99 seems is (slowly) coming back to life, after being offline for over a week.

The map editor has been updated to version 0.80 (too many things implemented and corrected to remember). I've also put up a music patch for Sailor Moon RPG, that allows you to play any music track within the game itself. It was just a test for the map editor that was made a few days ago, but I thought I'd put it up anyway.

Map Editor Updated 10/25/99

The map editor has been updated to 0.72 (Changes: snap-to-16x16 grid for main map, entrances implemented, exits partially implemented, compression speed during ROM insertion doubled).

I'm currently waiting for Thousand Arms to arrive by UPS, so understandably there may not be any updates around here for awhile once I get it. ^^

Sailor Moon Map Editor Released 10/17/99

The Sailor Moon Another Story RPG Map Editor has been released (version 0.70 ALPHA). The public version won't allow you to save, but it might be worth a quick look for anyone that likes that sort of thing.

I also fixed the links on the downloads (I named the directory "download" instead of "downloads"...oops!).

Entire Site Replaced 10/07/99

I decided to put up an actual site here, as opposed to the temporary page I had up earlier. Nothing terribly fancy, I'm not into web page design as much as I used to be these days. I'll probably only update this once in a blue moon anyway (hence the choice in color schemes ^^).

I do however plan on putting up the public version of the SMRPG map editor within a week or two.