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FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Compress Version 1.60 Released! November 13, 2004

This version of Lunar Compress has a few new formats, for games such as Radical Dreamers (done for Demi some time ago), Yoshi's Island (decompressed by the SFX chip), and Star Fox 1 & 2 (also decompressed by the SFX chip, done for d4s and Gideon's recent Star Fox 2 translations). It also fixes a few bugs here and there. Read the update list in the readme.txt file for more details.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Ycompress for Yoshi's Island Released! September 27, 2004

Ycompress is a compression tool for SMW2 : Yoshi's Island. Much like Zcompress for Zelda 3, it can extract/decompress and insert/recompress most of the graphics in the game. Since they're all done in one go and the program updates the pointer table for you, it should be much easier than using decomp and recomp to do each structure one by one and repairing the pointers manually.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar IPS NE Released September 27, 2004

A few months ago, I helped Ok Impala put together a dutch translation of Lunar IPS, called Lunar IPS NE. Its been available on his site for a while, but I thought I'd finally add it to mine as well. ;)

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Magic Version 1.62 Released April 11, 2004

This is a bug fix update for a few minor things, although one bug in particular involving the "Count Sprites" option introduced in version 1.60 may be more serious. If the maximum sprites exceeded warning message was displayed, it could cause various issues. Read the help file or the update list in the readme.txt file for more information.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Secret of Evermore 2 Player Edition Released! February 9, 2004

For those that have played Secret of Evermore and lamented the lack of multiplayer support, I've done a few ASM modifications and put together a patch that may come in handy. It creates 2 player support in the game, allowing you to play through SoE with a friend! Either player can use the Start button to enter or withdraw from the game just like in SoM, while the Select button can still be used to switch characters in single player mode or switch the camera focus in multiplayer mode.

You can download the SoE 2 Player Edition patch here.

In other news, the provider for my moon.co.jp email address is apparently shutting down for good at the end of March. So I've set up a temporary cjb.net email address until I can find something more suitable.

Update March 15 : Ok, it seems my email provider won't be shutting down after all, so I've put my old email address back up. Also updated the forum links to the restarted Acmlm board.