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FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Magic Version 1.61 Released! December 25, 2003

This release is mostly just to fix a few minor bugs. But it also has one or two new features, such as a few Opera-style mouse gestures.

Merry Christmas! ^^

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Super Demo World TLC Version 1.10 Released October 31, 2003

This is a small update for the Demo World : The Legend Continues (DW:TLC) hack that was released about a month ago. It should fix SRAM saving and loading for Snes9x 1.40+, updates the screen-scrolling pipe ASM to remove a few bugs, and has a couple other minor level fixes here and there. You can view the screenshots here, and download the patch here.

If you haven't played this hack before, just make sure to read the instructions in the readme.txt file before you try to apply the IPS patch!

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Compress Version 1.51 Released October 23, 2003

This release is just to fix a bug in LunarEraseRatArea(), where under certain circumstances the function would erase the RAT tag but not the data.

In other news, my fusoya.idz.net redirector has been down for a while now... I think idz.net may be gone for good. So I removed the link from my page a few days ago.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Magic Version 1.60 Released! September 24, 2003

Lunar Magic version 1.60 has been released! This version includes the new tile and palette animation features used in DWTLC, a new sprite editing mode for the overworld editor, and several other various updates and fixes. You can download the new version here.

Today marks LM's third birthday, not including the months before the first release. The program has gone far beyond what I had originally planned, and consequently I've worked on it far longer than I would of expected when starting out. But with the overworld editor complete, I'm hoping that this will be the last major version of Lunar Magic, except for possible bug fix releases.

So I'd just like to thank everyone who's contributed over the past few years to Lunar Magic's development by pointing out bugs, giving suggestions, etc. Especially the Acmlm SMW forum members, for their support and... umm, patience... (Ok guys, it's released. You can stop reloading the page now. -_^) And of course a big thank you goes to Acmlm for providing the forum that gave birth to the SMW community.

With that said, I now intend to take a break and do a few things that have been put off for the last couple of months due to working on DWTLC and LM. Then after that... well, who knows? ^^

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Super Demo World : The Legend Continues Released! September 21, 2003

The updated Demo World hack has finally been released! It's now a much better demonstration of what Lunar Magic can do, and uses a few new features in the upcoming Lunar Magic version 1.60. It also contains a few more custom ASM blocks, such as pipes that simply scroll the screen similar to the ones from Mario 3. You can view the screenshots here, and download the patch here.

Make sure to read the instructions in the readme.txt file before you try to apply the IPS patch!

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Compress Version 1.50 Released! July 4, 2003

This version of the DLL supports a new format from Detective Club 2, has a fix for an occasional crashing problem in recompressing for Mario RPG's format (LC_LZ4), and has a few other minor updates and fixes. Read the readme.txt file for more info.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Address Version 1.02 Released July 4, 2003

This version fixes a small mistake in conversion of PC to ExHiROM addresses. The last halves of the last 2 banks are accessible from the 00:8000 map.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar Expand Version 1.13 Released July 4, 2003

The documentation on the ExHiROM map has been updated a bit. There are no changes to the program itself, other than the version number.

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  FuSoYa's Niche Back Online April 25, 2003

The site has been offline for a couple of weeks, due to some unfortunate circumstances (more specifically, Gangis' web host for uct2.net apparently decided to vanish along with all their customers' money). O_O

So I've taken up Vagla on his kind offer to be hosted on the cg-games.net server, and now the Niche is here at fusoya.cg-games.net. ^^

In other news, the next version of Lunar Magic is coming along, slowly but surely. I realize it's been quite a while since the last release, but I've been very busy in the last 8 or so months, so I haven't really had much time to work on it. It should be out sometime this summer though.

Anyway, 'till next time...

FuSoYa, Defender of Relm  Lunar IPS Version 1.00 Released! February 14, 2003

Lunar IPS is a small IPS windows utility I made for myself a couple months ago to replace SNES-Tool. I thought it might be amusing to release it on Valentine's day, considering what the program's shortened name is (LIPS... ^^).

The program can both create and apply IPS patches. It registers the IPS file type so you can just double click on an IPS file and choose the file to apply it to. It even creates IPS files that tend to be slightly smaller than the ones made by SNES-Tool.

So if you're like me and you were still using the good old reliable SNES-Tool utility for applying/creating IPS files, you might want to give this program a try instead.